What we offer?

Estadio Accesible provides services on four main areas:


We want to help any person with a disability who is a football fan in developing their relationship with their club in matters relating to the services associated with making stadiums accessible. This would include information on general and specific legislation on Accessibility in Sports Leisure Centers (stadiums, arenas, etc.), through to the assistance required establishing a disabled fans association at club level. Such assistance would include giving specific information about services for a diversity of disabilities.


We offer comprehensive advice to clubs, professional leagues and amateur associations in everything related to Universal Accessibility in stadiums and sporting events.

Design, planning and management

We provide our collective experience in the design, planning and management of Universal Accessibility in historic and new stadiums. We also provide the above in relation to sports events.

Applied studies

Proven experience carrying out applied research studies. Ready to develop studies on all kinds of aspects related to the demographic boom, ageing population and its influence on the planning and management of stadiums, to consider universal accessibility as a business area, etc.

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