Estadio Accesible´s members contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in the field of inclusion and accessibility through the publication of books, book chapters, academic articles, reports, manuals, conference proceedings, etc.

Here are some of the most relevant publications:

Managing the reputation of the sports organization in response to a public humiliation campaign by a disabled fan

P.J. Kitchin, Juan L. Paramio-Salcines, Geoff Walters (2020) Managing organizational reputation in response to a public shaming campaign. Sport Management Review, Volume 23, Issue 1, Pages 66-80.


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Training on Universal Accessibility in Sports Facilities

As part of the course given by Francisco J. Ruiz Díaz in the COAM-Fundación ONCE 2018 Universal Accessibility in Architecture Training Plan.

Download here Universal Accessibility at Sports Facilities

Stadium Experience Planning and Management

Kitchin, P.J. y Paramio-Salcines, J.L. (2018) Planificación y Gestión de la Experiencia del Estadio, (eds) Managing Sport Business, An Introduction, 2nd Edition Editado por David Hassan. Routledge, pp. 515-529.

9781138291386Promoting Accessibility for Fans with Disabilities in European Stadiums: An Holistic Journey Sequence Approach

Paramio-Salcines, J.L., Kitchin, P.J. and Downs, P.J. (2018) Promoting Accessibility for disabled and older fans to European Stadiums: An Holistic Journey Sequence Approach (HOPES), (eds) Managing Sport Business, An Introduction, 2nd Edition Edited by David Hassan. Routledge, pp. 530-560.

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United Nations Convention and rights in access to sport for people with disabilities

Prieto, J. and Paramio-Salcines, J. L. (2018). The United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and its effects on the promotion of elite disability sport: A worldwide analysis. The Age of Human Rights Journal, 10, 119-138. DOI: 10.17561/tahrj.n10.6

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Management and Maintenance of Accessibility

Paramio Salcines, J.L. and Beotas Lalaguna, E. (2016) Management and Maintenance of Accessibility, in VV.AA. (eds) Manual of Universal Accessibility in Sport Facilities (MAUID) (Handbook of Universal Accessibility at Sport Facilities), Spanish Sports Council and Spanish Paralympic Committee, pp. 291-309.

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Cap16 Gestion

Chapter 16, Management and Maintenance of Accessibility examines the evolution of accessibility models and vision, the global sequence approach, the role and responsibilities of disability liaison officers, basic aspects of good management practices, and conclusions from the authors.

Design, Management and Maintenance of Sports Facilities

Handbook of Sports Equipment and Facilities: Architectural and Management Approach. Chapter 5 Universal Accessibility at Sports Facilities, by Paramio Salcines, J.L., Beotas, E., Muñoz, G. and Campos, C. (2010).

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Manual de Instalaciones 2010

The book broadly addresses the issue of universal accessibility and safety in sports facilities in general, including large sports venues, stadiums and arenas in particular. An annex includes a questionnaire that has been used to carry out a study of the accessibility conditions for fans with disabilities in an important sample of 1st Division football stadiums in Spain; a study in which the authors of the book worked.

Soccer and its communities: celebrating Manchester United FC’s Ability Suite

Paramio Salcines, J.L., Downs, P. and Grady, J. (2016) Football and its Communities: The Celebration of Manchester United's Ability Suite, Soccer and Society, 17 (5), 770-791.

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Soccer & Society

Manchester United FC (MUFC), in collaboration with their disabled supporters’ organization MUDSA (Manchester United Disabled Supporters Association), has demonstrated a long-term organizational commitment and contribution to disability issues and promoting accessibility. The purpose of this ‘case study’ is to make theoretical sense of the origin, implementation and evaluation of an innovative and unconventional facility and service, the Ability Suite and analyse its effects on enhancing the customer service and experience for supporters with disabilities at MUFC on match and non-match days, as well as to the Manchester community over the period 2003–2013. Despite ad hoc improvements by some clubs, the Ability Suite remains a unique facility and service for supporters with disabilities which provides MUFC with a competitive advantage over most clubs within the main leagues in Europe. Findings show that the Ability Suite is an essential part of the club’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility that fully integrates accessibility in its daily operations and interactions with fans. This raises issues of leadership, shared vision and Corporate Social Responsibility of all members of MUFC from middle and senior management to all the daily operational aspects of MUDSA as key factors to the effective implementation of this unique facility and service. The case concludes by forecasting how the Ability Suite will continue to serve the needs of disabled supporters in the near future and exploring how key findings from this case might be transferable to other clubs.

Routledge HandbookRoutledge Handbook of Sport and Corporate Social Responsibility edited by Paramio-Salcines, Babiak and Walters. Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon.

Routledge Handbook of Sport and Corporate Social Responsibility edited by Paramio-Salcines, Babiak and Walters. Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon.

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I Strategic Plan ‘Promotion of Universal Accessibility in Football Stadiums in Spain (2009-2014)’

Authors of the Report: Dr. Juan Luis Paramio Salcines, Mr. Eduardo Beotas Lalaguna, Mr. Gustavo Muñoz Pereda, Dr. Carlos Campos López, Mrs. Rosana Urrutia, Mr. Manuel Jesús Baena and Phil Downs, MBE.

This was a pioneer study examining the state of the art of football stadiums in Spain, the barriers that fans with disabilities have to face and what Spanish clubs could learn from European clubs in England or Germany.


In 2009, Juan Luis Paramio presented a research paper at the EASM Conference with the title: «Disability Provision in European stadia within a corporate social responsibility framework: The case of the First Division of the Spanish Football League. Authors name: Juan Luis Paramio Salcines, Universidad Autónoma Madrid; Carlos Campos López, University of Extremadura; Phil Downs, DLO, Manchester United FC; Eduardo Beotas Lalaguna, Architect of the Madrid City Council; Gustavo Muñoz Pereda, Architect of the Spanish Sports Council.

‘Towards Universal Accessibility and Design for All in Sports Venues: The case of 1st Division Soccer Stadiums in Spain. (Towards universal accessibility in Spanish soccer stadiums), financed by the Spanish Sports Council (CSD) and supported by the Professional Soccer League (LFP).

As part of this study, the project also aimed to present some recommendations to the clubs involved in the study, as well as to the CDS and the Spanish Liga de Fútbol Profesional to establish good accessibility standards in new and existing Spanish soccer stadiums. Within this document are several related research questions:

1. What were the needs and requirements of the different types of disabled fans when attending football games before, during and after the game?
2. How do clubs deal with accessibility in their stadiums?

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